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The Effects of Sin

As I was sitting in service one Sunday morning, our pastor made this statement "Sin will take you farther than you want to go and keep you longer than you want to stay" Wow, it was a revelation to me! Of course I knew how sin destroys our lives because of the choices we make or the choices that others make for us. I know of the destruction it causes, but this just summed it up in one statement. I thought how true and how sad, now this is just me being terrible naive, but I just thought that when a person reached a certain age, you know, wiser, that they would decide that this road they are on is not really taking them anywhere, and they would just change. Well, it doesn't happen that way to everyone! Now I know you are thinking, naive might not be the right word for me, but that is what I thought. I know how we get there when we choose the worlds' ways and not Gods' ways, I understand that life can do a number on us and giving up is obvious. Life then seems hopeless, no reason to go on, no peace, no joy, no security, the list is endless. But there is great news! there is hope, peace, joy, security (the list is endless), and it is all when we just give Jesus a chance! I don't know what all has happened in your life, there are things that no one can explain, but I can tell you this, God truly loves you! why would He send His one and only Son to die in your place? take all your sins and put them on Him? Because He Loves You! Everyone has made mistakes, everyone has sinned, and I will clue you in on a little secret, you will again. But Jesus is faithful to us, just go to Him and tell Him your heart, He will forgive you and heal your hurts. Restoration is the miracle of God! Please consider and make your choice to follow Christ! Forget the past, except to learn from it!

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