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Life Changes!

An update is in order since I have been silent for so long! Many "life changes" have happened in our life, but the biggest one is that word that no one wants to hear "Cancer". My husband has just a month ago been diagnosed with lung cancer and so the journey began. To tell you that we were shocked would be an understatement! We knew something was wrong, but had no idea it could be this. The emotional roller coaster started off with me crying my heart out for several days, then of course reality sets in. I have to tell you that the statement that Job made in 3:25
"What I always feared has happened to me.
      What I dreaded has come true."
really hit me hard. I also have to be honest and tell you that I was angry with God. Any raw emotion that can be experienced was there. Yesterday as we sat with the doctor and was given most of the results of the tests, again just panic and unbelief. All the whys and hows and of course we don't know, but God does and He has everything under control. Now, I have to tell you of the faith my sweet hubby has. Did this shake him up? No, not at all. His response was "this will bring God glory, He is in control of my life and I do believe I will be healed". Oh, there was and is a lot more like that. It is remarkable to see someone in terrible pain, yet believing God is working miracles in his life and the life of others. Many good things have already happened and we certainly are expecting many more.  The biggest miracle so far is the fact we are at the Cancer Treatment Center in Zion Illinois. I can't begin to or have room to tell you about this place except that it is amazing. The stories we hear are truly miraculous, people that were given up on are still alive, some cancer free and others being helped with treatment. You would think it would be a very sad place, but it is not. These people have hope here which they didn't have before.
This week has been a trying of our faith and many others as they pray for us. Bad news after another as the test results was coming. Cancer showing up in the colon was not expected, but there it is and these things have to be dealt with. As I said before, there are so many emotions to go through and then it is back to faith and believing in God's Word. We know what His promises are and we are praying for His will to be done. We are going to stand strong and ride this thing out. I will be posting an update as regular as I can. I also know there will be many praying for him as you read this. Thank you so much, what a wonderful blessing to know that people we don't even know will take the time to pray for someone they don't even know. My prayer is for you to walk close to the Lord and listen with your heart, then you will have the peace and joy that is rightly yours.

I will be linking up with Spiritual Sundays, please go there, you will be blessed. http://bloggerspirit.blogspot.com/2011/07/hello-friends.html


Esther Joy said...

Shirley, I am so glad you wrote this to let us know what is going on. Be assured you have our love and prayers.

Pamela said...

My heart so hurts for you and yours. I, will be praying for healing and peace as you journey this road.


Joan said...


You were on my heart tonight and I was wondering about you. Please know that you and your husband continue to be in my prayers.

As the wife of an 18 year cancer survivor I know first hand what God can do. (And I certainly understand the gamut of emotions you have experienced - including the anger.)


Georgia said...

so sorry you have to go through all this. what is so amazing about marriage is how we both support each other. I can tell you are there for him and he is there for you :0)

no spring chicken said...

yes, I'll pray. And give praise to a God who manifests such Faith in His son (your husband).

Blessings, Debbie

Lori Wilder said...

My heart goes out to you as I understand what you are going through. My first husband passed away from Lung Cancer. God is always in control and has your entire family in the palm of his hand. I pray for God's calming peace while you are in this valley.

Ozark yankee said...

Blessings to you friend. Our prayers are with you.

sarah said...

I echo what Pamela said. Stay strong and know thet me too...I'm praying for you guys. All things are possible to overcome in Him.

Sherry said...

I can tell dear friend that you are being made strong in this trial.Keep the faith and wrap yourself up in God's arms when you lie down to rest. He will sustain you. Poodles miss you but are doing great. I miss you too.

Charlotte said...

I have heard other good things about these cancer treatment centers. Your husband has a wonderful attitude. My prayers and thoughts are with both of you at this trying time. I'll put this on the Prayer Request blog. Can't have too many people praying.

Whidbey Woman said...

Dear Sister, Feel free to contact me any time. I know what it is like to have a husband with cancer. I am here for you. Keep strong in your faith. It will sustain you!

Patti Hanan said...

Dear Shirley, I am praying for you and your husband. God is a miracle worker and he has it all in his hands. Your husband's wonderful attitude will bless many. God bless you both.