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The Guest!

Since you have been reading my posts, you know we are blessed with 2 poodles, a bird, and a cat. Well, we will be having a house guest! A little yorkie, named Sydney! So this should be fun and an adjustment for all of us. (Just to let you know the cat doesn't live inside) My daughter rescued him (she sounds like her mother, right?) about 2 months ago, he was out on the road covered in ice. Poor little guy, but now he has a good home and a family that loves him. So he is coming for a week while they are on vacation. Now mine may not be to excited at first, but they will adjust (I hope). So what does this have to do with anything? Once again I am reminded of how we are when we come to the Lord, we may not have ice all over us, but we sure are dirty! We need someone to clean us up and restore us with promises and hope. God is this way with us, we are rescued, cleaned up with the covering of the precious blood of Jesus, restored and made righteous. Then we have a family that will love us and pray for us. The best part, we aren't on vacation, we have an eternal home where we will forever be with the Lord! While we have our little guest pray for me, I will probably need it.

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