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Who was this Proverbs 31 Woman?

Bible studies, stories and comments seem to be everywhere about the Proverbs 31 woman! I decided to do some research to see if its possible this is a “real” woman. The first thing I find is many scholars believe this woman is Bathsheba, which actually shocked me at first until I began studying about her. The story begins in 2 Samuel 11:1 when David notices a beautiful woman taking a bath. Bathsheba was completing her purification rite after her menstrual cycle. After inquiring about her, she was to be brought to him. ( Now when the king summoned for someone, you did not say no, you just went, and she did!) Later she realized she was pregnant and sent word to David. Now the beginning of a plan that eventually leads to the murder of her husband, Uriah. Here is where we must remember Bathsheba was not to blame for her husbands death, or the death of her child. God would hold David responsible for all that. After she gives birth to Solomon, we are told the Lord loved this child. Maybe this is where God restored her with His love and assurance! I believe she made a choice to raise this child in the wisdom and instruction of God! In I Kings 2:19, we are told of how Solomon honored his mother when he bowed before her and had a throne set up at his right hand for her. Now the more I read, I am beginning to see this is possible. She mourned for Uriah when he was killed, and the pain she experienced when her child died is more than I can imagine. She could have become bitter and blamed God, instead she chose to rise above all the adversities in her life. She was a noble woman because she had a heart for God! How could she have raised her son to know God, if she didn't have a strong faith and dedication? I don’t know if she was “the” woman or not, the proverbs 31 woman sounds perfect to me, she did everything from buying land to helping the poor and needy. Her husband adored her and trusted her, she was precious to him, worth more than rubies! (read about this amazing woman sometime, you will wonder as I do) Well, here is my conclusion, nobody is perfect except our Lord. What builds our character and makes us strong in the Lord is our trials, our tears, pain, in general, just life. If we learn from it, we will be strong and full of faith. Possibly, just like Bathsheba! I know one thing, she is an example to all of us!

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Slow said...

Shirley, I've known alot of women in my lifetime and to me you are the woman depicted in Proverbs 31. No mystery to me who she is. It's YOU! Blessings