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Zechariah 10 (Life Application Bible)
(The Lord Will Restore His People)
1 "Ask the Lord for rain in the spring,
for he makes the storm clouds.
And he will send showers of rain
so every field becomes a lush pasture".

Gods Word always amazes me! Some people think it is out of date and doesn't apply to us any more, especially the Old Testament! Yes, many things have changed because we live under grace, but why would anyone want to disregard it? It is passages like this that makes me realize how real God is and what has been done for us all the way from Genesis, until now. We can see how much He loves us and how a plan had be in place because of the fall in the garden. We also see the punishment and consequences of sin. Why would we not want to acknowledge all of it? There will be things we will never understand because His ways and thoughts are higher than ours. When we have faith to believe, we can glean from His Word the very truths this foundation was built on and why. In this scripture we are told what He will do for us, but if you notice we are to "ask", He will send the rain, and so much more. All He wants is a relationship with us! When you realize how much God loves us, every time you go outside, it will be confirmed! Just look around you, this all just didn't happen. No matter what some are teaching, God created this world! He loves us so much He gave His one and only son, Jesus, to take our punishment for all the sin we have committed or would ever commit! A perfect sacrifice, then we are covered if we believe! As we begin this week, and you are out and about, just look around you! and thank Him, because He did this just for you. He loves you so much. Have a Blessed Day!

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