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Visiting Friends!

I remember the importance of friends and family visiting our home. You could hardly get in the door until dad was wanting to know if you was ready for a cup of coffee, or you might be hungry , and you certainly needed to sit down and rest. The welcome was always there! Now when we were doing the visiting, same thing, our friends and family were proud to see us to. It was great! Even as a small child, I noticed how this hospitality thing worked! There is one thing that I need to make clear, this was not entertaining, it was hospitality. The true respect and love for people that you could share with, neighbors helping each other. Actually being concerned if someone had a cow down or somebodies mule was sick, or maybe there was sickness or an accident and work needed to be done. One big thing was, when there was a death, remember we are talking about a rural area, where backhoes were not used for digging graves. Word traveled fast, no one had to come and ask if you would help. The men would show up at the graveyard and begin to dig, 15 or 20 of them, and the job would get done. Sitting up with sick or dying folks was common also. Now what does all of this have to do with visiting friends? I guess" friends" is the key word. Loving and caring what happens to people, not being to busy, but showing people how we feel, (there is no way for them to know, unless we tell them), this is the way Jesus intended for us to treat each other, and of course He is the greatest friend of all! Remember to visit your friends, and show them true hospitality when they visit you!

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