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Walking in Freedom

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Psalm 119:44-46 (New International Version)

44 I will always obey your law,
for ever and ever.

45 I will walk about in freedom,
for I have sought out your precepts.

46 I will speak of your statutes before kings
and will not be put to shame,

Because of Independence Day, we are allowed to walk about in freedom. God has blessed our country from the birth of this nation, so I am still paying tribute to all the men and women that gave their lives for this country. My dad was one of those brave men who served in World War I, he was only supposed to serve in four campaigns, but due to paper foul up, he served in five. When he came home, he was unable to hear for more than a year. The things he experienced was not ever talked about. Only when he was in his eighties did he relate a little information. War is horrible, and of course I can’t imagine what all he and others like him went through. Stories of death and dying all around, that grown men had to keep to themselves. He was wounded twice and received a box full of medals. If you have a loved one that has given their life or served in any of the wars, then you know what I am talking about. We need to remember what a price was paid for this freedom we walk in. The scripture above tells us when we seek Gods principles and live for Him, we will walk in freedom. Freedom from sin and death! Be Safe and have a thankful heart you are free!


Karen said...

My Dad never talked about WWII until shortly before he died. He was just a teenager when he went to war. I realize that now that I am a grandmother. A Huge THANK YOU to all who serve our country!! God bless you.

Loren said...

I can't even imagine what these men and women had to experience! What a precious Father you had!

Thankyou to ALL who have served and fought for Our freedom and thank you Jesus who came to give us Eternal Freedom!

Blessings to you!

Charlotte said...

Too many times I think we in America take our freedom for granted. As more and more of our freedoms are taken away, we are distraught. It is so easy to settle down here and sometimes forget that this is not our final home. I really like the graphic and audio in your July 2nd post.
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

rcubes said...

Glory to God for the freedom He freely gives. So thankful for the troops [like your dad] who sacrifice so much, too to preserve our freedom. God bless.

chicamom85 said...

God bless you on this Spiritual Sunday.


Smilingsal said...

True freedom comes from God, and I am thankful for all those who made it possible for me to live in a free country. God bless America.