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Counseling and Understanding!

Job 12:12-13 (New Living Translation)

12 Wisdom belongs to the aged, and understanding to the old.
13 “But true wisdom and power are found in God; counsel and understanding are his.

What does it mean to counsel with someone? For several months now, I have been taking some courses in counseling. I remember as I began to pray about it, there would be and still is such a burden for hurting and hopeless people. People that just need some help, maybe sometimes just encouragement. There will always be questions we will not have an answer for in specific things, but there are some absolutes in Gods Word also. The next thing we need to remember is the Holy Spirit is the greatest Counselor, He will lead us in these areas to reassure someone that God loves them, and they can trust Him. Each person has to be shown who they are in Christ, and when this happens, a new heart begins to emerge. A heart full of confidence and love for God. Then trust begins to develop. Healing a persons heart is a process and the end result is a heart full of the promises of God, ready to take hold and claim them. A goal has been set and the vision is established. This may take months or years, but it is Gods desire to restore what the locusts have eaten. I just want to encourage you to have hope, don't ever give up on God. He is the author of wisdom and the giver of power! The greatest sacrifice ever given was for you and me, just thank Him, He is worthy to be praised!

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Loren said...


Our Life Coach (counselor, but she won't let us refer to her as that because we aren't allowed to contact her in an emergency we must seek the LORD) shares up front with each client that God has placed the answers AND solutions within themselves and that she is just the vessel in which the Lord uses to help bring those things up and out.

Having a heart to help counsel is such a gift and when you are holding to HIS Word and operating in HIS Love ...He will definately guide you and those whom you counsel! Can't wait to hear your testimonies and joy from doing HIS will each day :)

blessings and love to you