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Easter Dresses!

Two of them, just alike. Our mother always made us a new dress for Easter and we were so excited, I think we were like 6 and 8. Today was Easter Sunday and we was going to my uncles house. My favorite cousins, 5 of us girls all about the same age. It had been an exciting morning, mother had to go milk the cow, and my shoes needed polishing. (Oh my, it still makes me shudder even now) I already had on my new dress, but those shoes just needed a little more white on them. What was wrong with that lid I don't know, but the next thing changed the whole day for me. That lid came flying off and that white stuff went all over my dress. Now what, so best as I could figure out, I just needed to wash it out, so I ran to get the washpan and did get most of it out, but now it needed to be dried, so I just figured if I stood in front of the stove, it would dry. I guess I got a little to close and now I had a bigger problem. About that time mother appeared at the door. Well, the look on her face was about the same as mine, just a few minutes earlier, and by the way, my little sister was no help either, she was just waiting to see what would happen. There wasn't any time to do anything, but get in the car and leave. Thank goodness, one of my cousins had a dress that fit me, so by the time we got to church everything had settled down. This week as I am studying about Easter, memories have also flooded my mind, this being one of them. I got to thinking about that stained dress, my mothers reaction and how even a bad situation turned out ok and by the way the polish did wash out. We are so like that dress, stained with sin, needed to somehow be cleaned up. Isn't that what Jesus did for us on the cross? He took it all and washed it white as snow with His own blood. Now when God looks at us, all he sees is us being clean, a covering that only Jesus could provide. What a wonderful feeling to know we are cleansed from all unrighteousness. As we go through the rest of this week, please remember the greatest sacrifice ever made, and who it was made for!

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