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Good Friday!

Good Friday! How can a day that was focused on so much pain and suffering be referred to as good? It is very hard to really think about all that Jesus went through. I remember when "The Passion of the Christ" movie came out, I was shocked! You know it is one thing to know something, but to see it and experience the emotions that go with it was overwhelming! fast forwarding was the only way I could get through it and the rating was appropriate, it was violent! It was heartbreaking to know Jesus suffered like He did, and that we are the reason for it all. But we must never stop there in our minds, we need to go on and remember what was accomplished. If Jesus had not died for us, there would be no other way to have our sins forgiven, no peace, no healing. He made it possible for us today to have victory. The resurrection was real! God is real! Jesus is real! the Holy Spirit is real! So as we reflect on "Good Friday", (it really was) just remember there would be no hope for us, if it hadn't happened! Have a Blessed Holiday weekend!

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Slow said...

Thank you so much! The Holy Spirit pours out of your posts as every message speaks to my soul. Many years ago I was fit to be tied as I tried very very hard to purge my being of any and all sin and wickedness, perceived or otherwise. I am as sweet a person as God ever made yet I almost let the devil steal my joy as prayed verdantly to be worthy of God's love. Being a very young believer I didn't know all that wasn't necessary. What the Spirit comforted me with were these words: No matter how hard I tried to "clean up my act" it wouldn't be enough for what Christ did for me on the Cross. So I just believe in Him - as He did for me.