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The Daniel Fast!

I have been reviewing a book entitled “The Daniel Fast” written by Susan Gregory. (Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book or ARC for review, a review is also posted on Amazon.com) I have read many articles and books on fasting and frankly was confusing. Of course the Bible is the authority on the subject of fasting. In this book, not only was the information presented in a way that could be understood, but what questions to ask, how to prepare for it and what to expect. The Daniel fast is a partial fast in which some foods are restricted. It is biblically based and is taken from the book of Daniel. She goes into great details of how your body will benefit from this healthy eating plan. How our soul (emotions, intellect and feelings) will benefit from the spiritual discipline of fasting. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit! God wants us to accomplish great and mighty things that He has called us to do. There is a complete list of foods along with some really good recipies. There was one in particular that was delicious called Berry Banana Smoothie. Then she starts with Day 1 and goes through day 21 of the fast along with the scriptures. In the very last part of the book, there are questions and answers that should satisfy any thing you might wonder about. All in all, it is a very informative book filled with direction that will take you on a journey that you will not regret. Susan Gregory is a true woman of God with a heart to help people realize what “Fasting” can do for you spiritually and physically. I recommend this book as the best one I have ever read on this subject. Thank you again Tyndale, this book is a blessing!


Beth in NC said...

Thanks for sharing that information. I just ordered a book myself, but now I can't remember the name of it (ha). It discusses the spiritual benefits of fasting.

I did the Daniel Fast for 21 days several years ago. There was something to it because at the end of it, all hell broke loose around me. Someone was not happy about it -- so something good must have happened in the spirit.

Denise said...

Sounds really good, thanks for sharing.

Charlotte said...

This is interesting. There is a lot of references in the Bible to fasting but it is not something I have read a lot about or heard a lot about in classes or sermons. I love the book of Daniel. Our pastor is preaching from it now. It is so interesting.
Thank you for sharing with us.

Clif said...

This is VERY interesting. Thank you for posting.

Renee said...

Interesting post....God bless!

Whidbey Woman said...

I need to get to the Christian book store one of these days!