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Spring Finally!

A view from our front sunroom!

Psalm 145:13 (New Living Translation)

13 For your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom.
You rule throughout all generations.

The Lord always keeps his promises;
he is gracious in all he does.

What a beautiful week we have had! After a winter that seemed to last a very long time, Spring has finally come. It is such a blessing to look out and see "green" again. A time for new beginnings and new life. A time to remember all the promises that are ours because of Jesus Christ. I think sometimes those promises get buried beneath all the cares and problems of this world, and we have to dig for them. They have to be exposed for us to stand on them and claim them for ourselves. I also think there is always an excitement and anticipation when this wonderful season comes around. Being outdoors and just breathing fresh air gives us hope. I know our world is being turned upside down, and I can tell you in my heart there is uncertainty and fear sometimes. I know we are not supposed to have fear, I am just being honest here. I do have faith and trust God and I just have to continue to stand on His promises and take Him at His Word. I know another thing to, how in the world are folks handling all this if they don't know Him as their Savior? Our families and friends need lots of prayer, and we need to be firm in our convictions. I hope you have a blessed weekend and enjoy all those wonderful things you see when you look around you.


Joan said...

Hi Shirley - good post. Yes it is easy to fear and become discouraged during these times (I too struggle). Yet with Jesus we have hope - no matter what comes.

Beautiful picture. I, too am happy for spring. Even though we are a couple of weeks ahead of you, it was a longer and colder winter than usual. My husband and I were taking a walk the other day and I stopped to take a deep breath of air. I said, "I'm smelling springtime!"


Whidbey Woman said...

Thanks for sharing your views with us... both the photo and the comment. :) So nice to have a season or renewal in our lives. Have a great week!

Charlotte said...

Thank you for sharing this encouraging post. Living here in the Arizona desert, where the sun shines almost every day and we pray for rain, I think we don't appreciate spring as much as other people. I love the picture of your sunroom.

Renee said...

What a lovely photo of your sunroom! Yes, spring as arrived after a long hard winter. I am ready for it too...and for a new season in my life. At times fear does weigh us down. We are blessed be able to rely of Jesus during these times. He love is endless, His power mighty, and His wisdom trustworthy! I needed to hear this today ~ God bless...

sarah said...

thanks for posting this encouraging post.

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

This is a great post today. I pray so hard for our Country, more than I ever have. I love your sun room, how nice to be able to see all the green this time of year.

rcubes said...

That's my prayer...for those who are going tough trials and don't know our Savior, for the trials to make them go to Him. And for those of us who already know Him, may we remain trusting and continue to seek Him ever more. Blessings to you and be strong in the Lord's mighty power! Nice pic.

Debbie said...

What a gorgeous view. I love that lavender tree. Soo pretty. I soo agree with you too. We are living in such hard times and soo many people are struggling like never before. How in the world they get along at all without Him is a mystery to me for sure. I sure know I can't. Have a wonderful week. Oh, AND CONGRATUALTIONS to your grandson. How wonderful your hubby could do the ceremomy. My son has done the ceremony for my daughter (his sister of course) and my oldest son and a couple of my nieces now. It makes it soo much special for sure. = )

Charlotte/For Such A Time As This said...

Yes, I agree. I don't know how anyone manages without God in their lives. He is our hope, our strength, or refuge!

When I stopped by your blog, I was happy to see that you are in Missouri. My son is also there right now at Fort Leonard Wood, being trained for the National Guard. He's a long way from home, but it's nice knowing that he isn't far from other believers.