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Family Fun!

Christa (one of the twins) me, Candace (the other twin)
Karen and Kathy. My daughters!

Proverbs 8:22-31 (The Message)

22-31 "God sovereignly made me—the first, the basic—
before he did anything else.
I was brought into being a long time ago,
well before Earth got its start.
I arrived on the scene before Ocean,
yes, even before Springs and Rivers and Lakes.
Before Mountains were sculpted and Hills took shape,
I was already there, newborn;
Long before God stretched out Earth's Horizons,
and tended to the minute details of Soil and Weather,
And set Sky firmly in place,
I was there.
When he mapped and gave borders to wild Ocean,
built the vast vault of Heaven,
and installed the fountains that fed Ocean,
When he drew a boundary for Sea,
posted a sign that said no trespassing,
And then staked out Earth's Foundations,
I was right there with him, making sure everything fit.
Day after day I was there, with my joyful applause,
always enjoying his company,
Delighted with the world of things and creatures,
happily celebrating the human family.

Spending time with family! What could be better? I have one brother and one sister, our mother has been gone for many years, and dad about 12 years ago. Things have changed and time has rolled on. Now we are the older ones at the family gatherings. Seems strange to me that I am here at this point in my life. I remember one time not to long before my dad passed away, he was standing in front of the mirror and asked himself who was that old guy he was looking at, he said he just never felt old in his heart. Just makes me cry now as I remember him. He was my hero to be sure. He was the ripe old age of 39 when I was born, so I was a bit spoiled (my brother and sister would tell you a lot more than a "bit"). I loved my parents dearly and miss them so much especially at family times. With my daughters and their families and the rest of the bunch, there will be many mouths to feed and lots of fun to be had. Some will go floating, some will be cooking, and there is even a trip planned to the old home place. We have many good memories, life was so different then than now. We were secure and happy growing upon a farm out in the hills of Arkansas. I don't remember being afraid at night, crime was null and void there. Our parents were wonderful hosts and we always had company, and lots of kids to play with to. At church we learned about God, and I was saved and baptized at the age of 12. My brother (who is 9 years younger than I) is a preacher and lives not to far from where we were raised. Sis lives farther away and of course we live the farthest, so we don't get to visit much. So Saturday will be filled with lots of laughing, eating and having fun. I am really looking forward to it, but a part of me is also quiet and thoughtful before God. Having good memories are such a blessing, aren't they? I hope you have a wonderful day, please be careful and don't forget to thank the Lord for all His goodness and mercy!


A Gracious Home said...

Your daughters are beautiful. I enjoyed reading your post. Have a great weekend. Doylene

Charlotte said...

What a wonderful family and memories you have. Beautiful daughters with a beautiful mother.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Family __ GOD BLESS!