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A Tribute to My Dad!

I am standing in front of Dad, and sis in front of Mom!

My dad was the most special person in my life, I loved my mother dearly, but dad was my hero. Taken into account he was 39 years old when I was born and being his first child, might have something to do with that, you think? Right from the beginning I must tell you he was not a Christian, his upbringing did not include the ways of God. So how could he have been a good father to us ( I have a sister 2 years younger than I and a brother that is 9 years younger)? One word, "Wisdom". I am sure his age had lots to do with it also, he had been through World War II and from what facts I can gather he was quite a hero there to. I remember as a little girl our mother would go through this black trunk that held all his papers, books and a box with medals. There was even a purple heart to show for being wounded. Of course we didn't grasp the importance of the sacrifice he had made for his country, but I can tell you since then we have been so proud of him. He was a hard working man, he had bought a farm before he and my mother were married so life was hard and money was always tight. He was well respected by family and friends and was known as a "fair man". I remember so many times when neighbors would need help on their farms and he was there. There probably was not to many graves dug back then, that he did not help with. I also remember little cousins that went to the doctor because my dad paid for it. He loved us dearly and when my sister and I came down with polio, he did one thing in particular that was "illegal". Evidently he was also known for his ability to make the best "White Lightening" anywhere around !Now in case you are not familiar with this term, it was also known as bootleg whiskey! It was the one and only time he made it after he and my mother were married, but you know what, he had to have money for the trips back and forth to Little Rock and folks surely did drink that stuff. He worked at whatever was available from building dams, mining (Rush Creek Mining Company), logging, then finally driving 30 something miles one way to work in a factory in Harrison, Arkansas. In all of these jobs, I never heard him complain. He just figured it was his job to do for his family. That is what most men did back then. Was he selfish? No, I never remember anything like that. He was called "a mans man", by my hubby and many others. We grew up being taught about life and making decisions, he would tell us " Remember the only way to make a good decision, is to see things how they are, not how they should be, not how you want them to be, but just how they are, then you will make a wise choice". He loved us by showing us, I don't remember him telling me he loved me after I got to be older. We just knew he did! Did he discipline us, you better believe it! I got one whipping and that was all I wanted, my sister got one, and that little stinker of a brother never did. (he was and still is a remarkable person). He was not mean or hateful, we just knew what to do and what NOT to do. He never got onto me about anything even after I was grown (there was times he should have), but just talked to me. I was never disrespectful to him and I am so thankful for that. Some things are certainly hard to live with, aren't they? Then not to long before he passed away, he told me again he loved me. It never bothered me that he didn't, I just knew he did. He also said one time he was looking in the mirror and asked "who is that old man in there, I just don't feel old in my heart". I understand that now, because I can still see myself as a little blond headed girl! Life is strange isn't it? We are here and then we are gone. We want to be remembered for being a very unselfish person like my dad, not someone who is only concerned about "me". I hope you have wonderful memories whether your dad is still here or gone onto glory (by the way, my dad did give his heart to the Lord not long before he died, thank you Jesus for your mercy and goodness. He does answer prayers even when it seems impossible). I could fill a book with memories of my dad, but hopefully this will be enough that you can see what kind of man he was. Fathers day (or mothers) is always hard for me as I am sure it is for some of you! But time goes on doesn't it? I hope you have a wonderful Lords Day to honor your Heavenly Father and your earthly father! Be blessed family and friends!


Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

Your dad is the kind of neighbor we would all like to have. He was indeed a hard worker.
God Bless,

Renee said...

What a beautiful tribute to your father...thank you for sharing your stories with us...God bless.

sarah said...

this is a beautiful tribute... ☺

Karen said...

Precious photo and memories to cherish always! God bless you.

Whidbey Woman said...

A wonderful tribute to a wonderful man.

Joan said...

Shirley this is a wonderful tribute to your dad. I'm so thankful for the men like him who proudly served our country.

Such precious memories you have of him.