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Powerful Words!

Here is our latest 13 inches of snow!

Proverbs 18:21 (The Message)

 Words kill, words give life;
   they're either poison or fruit—you choose.

You choose! It really is up to you to speak words of blessings to someone or to speak words that just wound them to their very core. I guess as a person gets older in the Lord and maybe the other way to, we realize what the Word of God tells us about the words we speak. Words are powerful! With words God spoke all creation into existence, with words Jesus commanded people to be healed and set free from their sins and transgressions. Words, just spoken words!  Wow, all through the Bible we are told of what the impact is, no matter who it is coming from. I am reminded of how each time we are with someone, our words will either give someone hope or cause them concern and worry. Just casual conversation, but a very important time to be so careful of what we say. We are required to give anyone an answer as to why we believe what we do. And if we know, then we can relate it to someone else. I actually know of Christian ladies, older than me, that cannot tell you what they believe. They know what their church believes, but not what is in their heart. To me that is very sad. Now I am veering away from my original thought just for a bit to tell you, that before we speak words of life, we have to know what they are. Do you know what you believe and why? If there are any doubts, then it is time to start. It is never to late to learn. The Holy Spirit is our teacher and He will lead us into ALL truths. And will bring them to our remembrance! Thank you Lord for the Holy Spirit. We are not in any of this walk by ourselves and we certainly cannot do anything without Him. Let us rely more on God and less on ourselves! I believe no decision should be made without much prayer and then when we believe, we speak! Speaking words of life and hope into those sweet family members and friends around us. Spoken words that when our loved ones are bound, we can speak freedom. And yes, I do believe in healing! Speaking words and believing that a body is made whole. Words that comfort when a loved one has passed away. Words for any occasion, spoken in faith, giving encouragement and hope.
Thank you for stopping by, I pray your day is blessed with people around you speaking life giving words.

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Ozark yankee said...

Words are powerful. I find it interesting that words were the topic of my blog today also. God bless.

Sherry said...

Yoou are so right, Words can help save a person as well as turn someone away from God. We do have to be careful and let the Holy Spirit do the speaking. You are so smart my friend. Thank you for sharing this with us.

MTJ said...

Hi Shirley,

Thank you for sharing these thoughts on how our words can heal or hurt; we must choose to heal with our words.

As you've said, "Let us rely more on God and less on ourselves!"

Blessings and peace.


Karen said...

May I speak wonderful words of life! Thank you for this post and the song. Who am I? I am YOURS, Lord!

sarah said...

you're so right...words are powerful....great message

Charlotte said...

What wise words you have chosen to share on this important subject, Shirley. You're right. The older we get the more we are aware of the impact of words. I'm sure this will be helpful to all who read it.

Renee said...

Wonderful post on how powerful our words are. Speaking victory or speaking defeat! Thank you for sharing this...I too believe in healing miracles!

Vintagesouthernlife said...

Inspiring post. We do need to be reminded of how powerful words can be.
Hope you get relief from the snow soon.

Pamela said...

Words can shelter others. Kind words, postive words, comforting words...but on the other side are gossiping words, painful words, disrespectful words, sharp words. I want the words of my mouth be pleasing to my Heavenly Father. A post that made me take stock of the words that I speak.

Marie said...

Lovely blog. God is good! Blessings!