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2 Peter 2:8

The Message (MSG)
6-8God decreed destruction for the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. A mound of ashes was all that was left—grim warning to anyone bent on an ungodly life. But that good man Lot, driven nearly out of his mind by the sexual filth and perversity, was rescued. Surrounded by moral rot day after day after day, that righteous man was in constant torment.

I don't know about you, but just watching commercials little alone previews for some of the shows on tv, embarrasses and angers me so much that I feel like Lot did as in the scripture above. Constant torment is an appropriate word! Moral rot is also the correct term. If anyone is looking for answers from this world, my question to them would be "Really, what could you possible hope to gain by that?" I am physically sick as to some of the things that go on, from a corrupt government to a corrupt society! Now don't get me wrong, there are godly people, christian people that are truly sold out to God. People like the ones in the New Testament that literally gave their lives for the cause of Christ. We are told to not look to anyone or anything that is not focused on God. So why do we fret or worry? because the events of this world do affect us. It is always like a ripple motion going on. Do they drive us nearly out of our mind as the message translations states here? Yes, of course. Lot was surrounded by sexual filth and perversion just as we are today. But did you also notice that it says that "good man, Lot". How did he rise above this? I will tell you how, he knew God and he believed Him. That is all we really are supposed to do is just believe! If we don't believe, then nothing is possible for us. But if we do, then all things are possible to them that "Believe". I don't know about you, (again) but there are to many scriptures that tell us while we live on this earth, in the middle of sin and destruction, we can have joy and peace from the One who sacrificed everything for you and I. The One who will one day deliver us out of this all.
I hope you will be encouraged even at the same time you are discouraged about all the heartache and destruction. Just simply because Jesus told us to stay focused on Him, He would never leave or forsake us. He loves us, He died for us, just Believe!
Thank you for stopping by, I pray your focus will be on the only One who is truly capable and more than willing to protect us and give us wisdom, so we will know how to live in these perilous times.
Have a wonderful rest of the week.

In Him We Are Complete!

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