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Taking time off from blogging was something I just had to do, but now I feel as though I am ready to put my thoughts into words and see where this new journey takes me. I will admit right here, my faith took a hit when my husband died. He was so precious to me and we had prayed for God to spare his life, but my plan was not Gods' plan. So heartbroken yet  I know there will be many things we won't understand until we get to heaven.
 Then there were so many changes that have occurred over the last 4 years. Anyway, God has been gracious to me and I did survive. I have learned in whatever circumstance to be content. I will also admit (confession is good in so many ways) the anger and disappointment I had towards God was very real and it was very hard to accept. And yet again, so many stages to go through, and that is the whole point, going through, not staying in the grief, anger, disappointment, etc., but going through! It was difficult to say the least, but it would have been a disaster to be entrapped in a sinful lifestyle as a way out or just to cope. God understands those thing that crush us, and  that is where healing comes in. He knows it will take time! I don't believe we ever completely get past the feeling of loss, but with His grace and mercy and us keeping our eyes on Him, we do heal.
thank you for stopping by! I pray for comfort and peace as you look to the only One who is able and willing to sustain us.

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