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New Beginnigs!

I love Spring! Evidence of Life is everywhere. Reminding us that those things that we thought were dead was only asleep. Just like those loved ones and friends that are no longer here with us. One day we will see them, knowing they are only asleep as Lazarus was. Thank God for His promises! I love the story of Lazarus and his sisters. Mary and Martha loved the Lord and were so distraught when their beloved brother died. They knew that if Jesus had been there, things would have been entirely different. But Jesus had other plans for their lives, just as He has for ours. Things we think needs fixing now sometimes just isn't the time. There are bigger things ahead. Jesus told the disciples, He was glad for their sakes He wasn't there, now they would really believe. As I read these verses, I remember losing loved ones, the most recent my husband. There is little comfort in words, although people mean well and can sometimes say inappropriate things. But it is because there are at a loss to. We are told there is a time for everything, including death. Mary and Martha were in awe when Jesus shouted, "Lazarus come forth". What a wonderful reunion that must have been. Their brother was alive and with them again. Just as our loved ones will be one day to.
Lets be encouraged as we read this account of how Jesus loves and cares for us. All the promises in His Word are there. We just need to believe!
I pray you will be blessed and enjoy the much needed peace that is ours to have.
If we seek Him, we will find Him.

In Him We are Complete!

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