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If I could live my life over!

I read an article the other day, that had me wondering what would I change if I could live my life over. I was suddenly overcome with sadness, with tears flowing, I remembered my mother (who has left this life when she was 49 years old) who was so kind and loving, a father I adored, and a brother and sister. Life for us was like the rest of our rural area, with the exception of polio that my sister and I had contracted when we were 5 and 3. All the memories just flooded back, then like a time machine, here I am 50 years (maybe a little more) and I am just brokenhearted. The one thing that I would change is to be raised in a christian home where the word was taught, where our home would be God centered. Now don't jump to conclusions that it was bad, it was not! We were taught all the good things and the right things. Our parents were strict, but not abusive or unreasonable. I loved them so much and the way they protected us and cared for us was amazing. My sister and I might not be walking around if not for (I know my mother prayed for us) Mother who daily gave physical therapy, and tended to all our needs. Dad worked where ever he could, with a farm to take care of to. But you know, I hear of children that have been saved at 5 years old and learned to walk with God. I guess what I am trying to say is, I would have made better choices, I would have been a blessing to people, I would have tried to make this world a better place for my family and friends. But, we can't go back, so you know what I am learning everyday? God still uses me! yes that is right, We are not responsible for other peoples decisions, although we are affected by them, we should not look back and be sad. Gods word says All things work together to the good to those that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. God Blessings on you today! Remember He loves You! and me.

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