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A Trip to the Past!

Today we will be making a trip to Marion County Arkansas. My grandparents farm has remained in my mothers family, and this will be the first time in many years to go there. Cousins will be the main ones attending, my mother and her siblings have passed away with the exception of one aunt that lives in Missouri. I have mixed emotions about going, happy ones because I remember my grandpa and grandmother. Sad ones because I miss my mother so much. We were a close family so aunts and uncles were very important. Stories have been told of all the hardships and sickness that were just part of their life. Life was plowing fields to raise food, a blacksmith shop to take care of the horses, gardens that provided food, lots and lots of hard work. It was survival, girls worked hard just like the boys. Back then folks didn't live just a long time, the elements were to difficult, and there was to much to do. I know a lot of their history, but what I would like to know is did my grandparents know Jesus, did they look to Him in their struggles. I have often wondered why I didn't ask questions while they were here to answer them. I think we just don't think about "important things" when we are young, now it is to late. But I will ask today if anyone knows if our grandparents had faith in God. So you see why this will be an emotional trip! Our greatest desire is that our children and grandchildren will never question these things, they will know we loved God and did the very best we could to live for Him. Blessings passed down to them, and many prayers claiming them for the Kingdom of God. I hope you know more about your family than I do, but if you don't, sometimes we just have to start from square one and be those first generation Christians. When we think of leaving an inheritance for our children, just remember the most important one we could ever leave is a legacy of faith and love in Jesus Christ!

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