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Mornings and Quiet Time!

Psalm 119:146-148 (New Living Translation)

146 I cry out to you; rescue me,
that I may obey your laws.
147 I rise early, before the sun is up;
I cry out for help and put my hope in your words.
148 I stay awake through the night,
thinking about your promise.

I love mornings, even though I am not a “morning” person, you know the kind that hits the floor running. No, that is not me, but I do enjoy mornings. I just need a cup of coffee, some special time with hubby before he is off to work. Then I am off to my favorite place. Out to the patio, where the waterfall pond is making the most soothing sounds, a place where Sammy “the cat” is waiting for me, I think he feels about the same way I do. I can also hear Andy (the cockatiel), who is singing the Andy Griffith tune, then yelling “mean boy” at Bailey and Maddy ( the poodles) because they are getting to close to him. Finally when I am settled, I am ready to read my favorite book, the Bible, Gods Word that gives me strength and peace. You are probably wondering “finally”, it does take me awhile to get there. But when I begin, it is truly wonderful. Hubby also says this is the best place to hear from God, he goes there many times just to sit and pray. In the scripture above it sounds like David might have a lot going on in his life, but he knows just exactly what to do about it. He is calling on God early in the morning, knowing that his hope is in Him. Seems like when I can start my day meditating on His word, no matter what comes, everything goes better. Now, there are times when this is not possible for me to begin like this, and that's ok, we should not feel condemned when we miss this time with Him. It is not possible to pray and read all the time, life goes on and we have to live in this crazy old world, but I believe we can be in an attitude of prayer and thanksgiving most of the time. Our Heavenly Father should never be to far away from our thoughts. I just wanted to share with you my favorite morning place, and encourage you to enjoy the blessings from God that He has given to you. I hope you have a favorite place that you enjoy, no matter where it is at, a place where you can hear from God, and as David said above, “thinking about all His promises”.

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Queen of Dreamsz said...

I saw your link on Beverly's Pink Saturday so I thought I'd drop by to say Happy PINK week!!

Have a great week,