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Memorial Day!

How many of you had dads that fought in World War II? I am sure the ones of us who did have lots of stories to tell. My dad was wounded several times and saw much more than a person needs to see. He never talked about it though which is normal among anyone who has been in war. A war where blood was shed to keep our country safe and free. As we are celebrating Memorial Day this weekend, we all should be focused on what has happened in this country from the beginning to present time. Everything was for freedom, all the bloody battles like the one at Shiloh. Hubby and I visited there when we lived in Germantown, Tennessee. I have never been to such a sad place! It absolutely broke my heart to learn of what these men endured. In all the wars that have been fought of course there was always blood spilled. People always fight for what they believe in, don't they? As I think about the present time, of course blood is still being spilled, but the big issue to me are the souls being lost. We truly are in a battle now from the time we get up until we go to bed. A spiritual battle that is raging because satan knows his time is short, he is on a rampage. You can see it everywhere. I have never in my life time seen so much going on. As my Aunt Donnie used to say, "we have more on our plate than we can say grace over". One tragedy after another! Surely one can see the time is winding down! Just watch the news and look what is going on in our country. This wonderful country that so many have died for! Abortions being the way for some to solve their problems, prayer being taken out of schools replaced with guns and condoms, people with evil on their minds continually, and the list goes on and on. Memorial Day is truly for remembering! Memories should change us when we know what can happen, like in Germany with Hitler. Listen sweet friends there is much to pray about! We must hold our Country up before the Lord, confess our sins and ask for our land to be healed. This is what God will do if we ask. As we remember and pray, lets make a commitment to be faithful to God and to our family and friends. God so loved the world, He did send His one and only Son to die in our place. This most important blood of all that redeemed so many and gave us hope for eternal life with Him. I hope you enjoy this holiday with your loved ones, be safe and have fun!


Joan said...

Good post, Shirley. I too have visited the battle grounds and Shiloh - such a sad place.

We should never take our freedom for granted.


Joan said...

Good post, Shirley. I too have visited the battle grounds and Shiloh - such a sad place.

We should never take our freedom for granted.


Whidbey Woman said...

Wonderful tribute. God bless you.

chasity said...

a wonderful post...
from a fellow missourian~

Renee said...

Thank you for your heartfelt post. What a beautiful picture of the soldier...

Charlotte said...

All you have said here is so true. We need to pray for our country and for our world as we have never prayed before. There are so many signs that we are nearing the end. Thank you for sharing.

Karen said...

Great words and song. We must pray for our nation and our world. Have a nice weekend.

sarah said...

battle grounds - there is a lot going on today...and there is a war that is raging for the soul of people....my daughter is not allowed to read a bible in school but there are groups of other religions that are allowed. Very strange...very scary...All the more to shine His Light...


I, too, am a Missourian. But more important, I am a child of the King. Jesus Christ is my Commander In Chief as the spiritual war rages all around. Thanks for such a great and inspiring post. God bless.

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

I have such a hard time watching the news. I know the time is getting closer, I just pray for all the people who still need to accept the Lord. I love your picture today it's so perfect.
God Bless,