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Three BIG Problems!

2Kings 5:16-27 (The Message)

16. "As God lives," Elisha replied, "the God whom I serve, I'll take nothing from you." Naaman tried his best to get him to take something, but he wouldn't do it.

17-18. "If you won't take anything," said Naaman, "let me ask you for something: Give me a load of dirt, as much as a team of donkeys can carry, because I'm never again going to worship any god other than God. But there's one thing for which I need God's pardon: When my master, leaning on my arm, enters the shrine of Rimmon and worships there, and I'm with him there, worshiping Rimmon, may you see to it that God forgive me for this."

19-21. Elisha said, "Everything will be all right. Go in peace."

But he hadn't gone far when Gehazi, servant to Elisha the Holy Man, said to himself, "My master has let this Aramean Naaman slip through his fingers without so much as a thank-you. By the living God, I'm going after him to get something or other from him!" And Gehazi took off after Naaman.

Naaman saw him running after him and jumped down from his chariot to greet him, "Is something wrong?"

22. "Nothing's wrong, but something's come up. My master sent me to tell you: 'Two young men just showed up from the hill country of Ephraim, brothers from the guild of the prophets. Supply their needs with a gift of 75 pounds of silver and a couple of sets of clothes.'"

23. Naaman said, "Of course, how about a 150 pounds?" Naaman insisted. He tied up the money in two sacks and gave him the two sets of clothes; he even gave him two servants to carry the gifts back with him.

24. When they got to the fort on the hill, Gehazi took the gifts from the servants, stored them inside, then sent the servants back.

25. He returned and stood before his master. Elisha said, "So what have you been up to, Gehazi?"

"Nothing much," he said.

26-27. Elisha said, "Didn't you know I was with you in spirit when that man stepped down from his chariot to greet you? Tell me, is this a time to look after yourself, lining your pockets with gifts? Naaman's skin disease will now infect you and your family, with no relief in sight."

Gehazi walked away, his skin flaky and white like snow.

The 3 big problems: Problem #1- He accepted money that had been offered to someone else. #2- He implied that money could be exchanged for God's free gift of healing. #3-Then he lied to cover up accepting the money. Wow!! do you see anything wrong with this picture? Why would a faithful servant do such a thing for money? He was serving a man that had a double portion of what Elijah had! Elisha showed compassion for those around him, and God used him mightily. Gehazi had to have seen the power of God, He had to have seen all the miracles, He had to know who God was! So instead of asking "why" again, lets get real here. How many times have we seen the love of money change a persons heart? How many times have people turned from God when they could better themselves financially? All to many times would be my answer. Now we know money is not evil, but the love of it sure causes a lot of greed and deceit doesn't it? This story was remarkable to me not because of what Gehazi did, but the fact that he was constantly with Elisha and witnessed things that you and I can only imagine. People being brought back from the dead would have gotten my attention, but somehow Gehazi got sidetracked! This story goes to show us that it doesn't matter who we are with or where we are at, if we take our eyes off Jesus, we are going to wind up in big trouble. We must stay focused, sin will destroy us and cause us to be ineffective for the Kingdom of God. It was a sad and very scary account of a man and his family that would pay for his greedy action. The scripture even says "with no relief in sight". Oh my, what a lesson! But that is what the Word of God is "instruction, divine inspiration" God gives us His Word so that we can live a life that is pleasing to Him, will we make mistakes and "sin"? Of course we will, but we have grace and mercy to cover us because of the Cross. I hope this story blesses you as it did me. There is always a lesson to be learned!


Whidbey Woman said...

Thank you for sharing this bible story with us for Spiritual Sunday. There is a very good lesson in it. You are right. THe minute we take our eyes off Jesus, we get into trouble. This message ties in with Independence Day. Our nation MUST return to the Lord.

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

I know so many people who choose to work on Sundays to make extra money. I ofter wonder if that is a need or a what. I love this song you have playing on your play list today.
God Bless,

sarah said...

this is a great story...Sometimes I wonder why some even charge money to hear a Christian concert or workshop. I keep thinking freely we have recieved...freely give. There's so many things I don't understand.

Charlotte said...

How nice to have the audio for the scriptures. Thank you for sharing.